What you should expect from a Hertfordshire SEO Agency

Follow these steps to make sure you choose the right Hertfordshire Digital Marketing SEO agency.

It has been a very long time since SEO (search engine optimisation) first appeared and became a real thing. Despite its power to bring traffic, customers and revenue to a business and truly revolutionise it, SEO agencies are not very well known. The search engine optimisation itself is something many businesses have never heard about. SEO makes your website visible to potential customers searching a specific set of keywords, which describe either your business or the service you are offering. This allows customers to easily find and use your website – which converts into sales. SEO can be applied to any search engine including Google, Bing, and Yahoo, however, most businesses choose to get optimised for Google as it is by far the largest and most popular of them all. Now search engine optimisation is a service which has a goal of getting your website ranked on page 1 on Google (or other search engines) as this will gain publicity and more customers will click on it – resulting in more sales.

Search engine marketing is not a quick and easy job. It requires extensive knowledge and personalised strategies to rank your website on page one. The average time to rank a website in a QUALITY manner is around 6 to 7 months. Google changes its algorithm very often, which is why such an extensive knowledge of digital marketing techniques is needed. Even though it takes time to create results, this should not put you off as a business owner. SEO is extremely powerful and can revolutionise your business. Once your page is on page one, your sales are very likely to be much, much greater than ever before. So, what should be expected from a quality SEO agency? Read on to find out.

The most important things a digital marketing SEO agency should make clear are:

– Quality SEO will take time.

SEO takes time. I explained this earlier in the article. Yes, you can go to a cheap SEO firm which will get you a good ranking within a month or two for £300p/m however, as soon as you walk away from them your page will drop quicker than ever. It will also most probably get your website penalised as they will be over optimising every aspect of it. Instead, go with a quality Hertfordshire SEO Agency which will rank your website and make it stay there. It is always better to invest that little bit more for a quality service.

Another thing to consider is the keyword difficulty, as this usually determines the time it will take to rank your website for the keyword. You should always discuss this with the online marketing agency before hiring them.

– Search Engine Optimisation is not guaranteed to work.

It should be made clear that although SEO is a very good marketing strategy to invest in, it doesn’t ALWAYS work. If you keep at it then yes. It will work. However it may take a much longer time than you might expect, with results being slow and monthly investment being high, you should evaluate whether you are getting your money’s worth. But this doesn’t mean that you will be getting a huge ROI after 1 month of SEO being implemented on your site. Patience is needed, especially with search engine marketing.

– A website analysis and exactly how they are going to do SEO to your website.

During the phone call between you and an SEO agency, you should ask how exactly the SEO expert will rank your website. The expert should tell you exactly how they are going to do it, whether they will use social profiles, blogs, ads etc. However, it is also important to understand what they will NOT tell you and that it the blogs your site is being linked to from. This is private and a real SEO expert will never reveal this and I will tell you exactly why. You are not qualified to grade their work. Because if you were, you would not be hiring him.

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